Using E-Mail

E-mail or electronic mail can be sent over the Internet to anybody who has an e-mail address. To use e-mail, you need both an e-mail address and a program to handle it. To  create a free e-mail account by internet or outlook Express.

reee                                      Rediffmail opening page

Opening E-mail Account

Before you actually settle down to send a mail, you will first need to create ab e-mail account. There are various sites in the Internet by which you can create free e-mail account. Some of the sites are given below:





Here, we  are to create an e-mail account with the

To open an e-mail account , do this:

1. Log onto site In this page, click on the Create a rediffmail account    button.

2.As you click on the Sign In Button, a new page opens up which display Registration Form as shown in figure given below. Fill up this form and then click  on Create my account button.


                     Registration Form for  creating an E-mail Account

3. Another page appears showing that you have been registered successfully and ask you to fill some more information  as shown in figure given below. Fill  this and then click  Go to Inbox  button. It will open for your newly created e-mail account .